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My early years were spent in a small town close to Ada, Oklahoma. At that time, it had the third largest rodeo in the world. I lived for that. They were both world champion rodeo performers. I knew these people through my grandfather and was in awe of them and their abilities.

My great uncle was an outstanding poet and he exposed me to the power of words through the writings of Robert Service.

I never realized that words could paint pictures until this experience. Of course, it was also the kinds of pictures a young man full of adventure wanted painted. The men who came in and sat and visited had great influence on me. They talked of old times and things that just pushed me deeper into the Old West and all the things that they actually were a part of. Like all kids in my day, the ten cent Western comic books and the Saturday movie was a must.

It was always a Western, and that also shaped my love of Western stories. Agriculture and sports pretty much filled my early years. From the time I was twelve, I worked in the fields and was involved with raising animals.

Bass Reeves | Great Black Heroes

An example of how much I was into animals, I was recruited as a football player to the University of Oklahoma and they would get you the best job around for the summer so you could make money to have for school. I made very little money, but got room and board. My main job was shoveling million-dollar bull shit, and I have been doing it ever since. While in university, I had a professor, Royce Peterson, who took my love of Westerns and turned it into a passion. He was a man who could stand in front of a class and keep you mesmerized with the stories of the Old West.

It seemed that he knew every story that ever happened. I owe any success in writing to this man, because he showed me that history was not a dry subject, but a vivid, living experience. You know in Spanish, history is the name of story and I believe with all my heart that this is the correct use of the word. After university, I taught history and then worked for people projects, sold real estate and dabbled in oil. As soon as I could get together some funds, I went into the Registered Angus cattle business and did that for 28 years.

I went to Bolivia and mined gold off and on for five years. Fell in love with the country. I returned to the States and taught again. I ended up working in the prisons in Missouri and Kansas. I am probably the only Western writer who has worked with forty convicted murderers.

I am sure I learned more from them than I taught them. Okay, let me ask you this one: Are sidekicks just throwaway devices in a tale? Can they become more? Do they need to become more? I hope that every character in my stories is there for a purpose. In fact, there are always at least three people in a story who are key elements.

There will be a sequel to the Rocha book, and his sidekick will be the protagonist in it. His brothers will also be strong characters in the following book. The book became a bestseller in Bolivia. This series has had tremendous success, and I am so proud of the fact that I took a lot of pretty dry facts and was able to bring the most exciting parts of his life to the attention of so many readers. The cover on this book was done by Fredric Remington, a famous name of the West, and he said when the story of the West is written that this story had to be told.

Interestingly, I had already written the story, when I found his sketch and statement. This book is an adult novel, as he was a psychopath and the most feared man of the time in Indian Territory. This is the most complete story of his life ever written and took me months of research.

Was the Real Lone Ranger a Black Man?

The photograph used on the cover sold for 30, and the rifle in his hands sold for 70, dollars at a recent auction, and since I am the one who wrote his story, I take credit for his fame laughs. It is set in Arizona in the mids and involves the most challenging quest for survival I have ever researched. It also covers the Bascom affair, which lead to the Apache war. It has several famous Arizona people throughout the book.

I have often said that if you liked the movie REVENANT, you will love this story, as Larcena goes through a lot more in her quest for survival than Hugh Glass did, and her story goes on into the most violent time in the history of Arizona. She proves that there is no such thing as the weaker sex, or if there is, it is placed on the wrong gender. Many famous people are in this book, and the story was put together with readings from the Kansas and Missouri historical societies and newspaper articles as well as writings from people who were on the scene.

I am presently writing my first fiction novel. It will have a lot of famous names in it, but is totally fiction.

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It should be out by the time this magazine is published. What would your advice be to a younger writer starting out in the business? Yes, at times I think they are better than me. I worked for a guy when I sold real estate who was very wealthy—back when the oil business ran the state.

He decided that he would drill oil and he hired a top-notch oil engineer. They would have drilling meetings and the engineer would tell him where to drill, and he would ignore the advice and drill wherever he wanted to. I write the books, and my publicist promotes them. Just an old country boy. In my mind, I visualized all Western readers as guys my age who had lived the lifestyle to some degree. The best advice I have ever gotten came from a friend, Dennis Hambright, who is a very good mystery writer.

He told me to write. An empty page is just that. You can always go back and add, delete and correct. Answer the questions. I have had a lot of people compliment me on my flow of the story, and I submit that these are the reasons. Editing is far harder than writing. Wait at least a day before trying to edit, but it is best a week and read it out loud. Hemingway said never write until you run out of words. Always know where you are going to start the next day. Read the work you have done before you continue. If it is too long, at least read the chapter before.

Well, thank you for your time, Fred. And you! Thank you for a great interview. I respect them and I hope I learn a little bit from them.

The Legend of Bass Reeves

Pleasing the audience is more important to me than money. Based on the truth life story of the most outstanding Marshal to ever serve in Judge Parkers court!

Somewhere, somehow, someone has to pay. Enter Bass Reeves: The Marshal who will at all costs bring the guilty to justice. He will follow any criminal to the ends of the earth. He is justice incarnate. He is judge, jury and executioner… He is the law for the lawless.

Black History Animated DVD- Bass Reeves

This is a fast-moving, action-packed Western, based on the true life of the legendary United States Marshal Bass Reeves. A man who rose from slavery and escaped into Indian Territory during the Civil War to become the most feared lawman of his time. He served for over thirty years and brought more than three thousand violent men to justice before the famous Hanging Judge Issac Parker in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

As a freedman , Reeves moved to Arkansas and farmed near Van Buren. He married Nellie Jennie from Texas, with whom he had 11 children. Reeves and his family farmed until , when Isaac Parker was appointed federal judge for the Indian Territory. Parker appointed James F. Fagan as U. Fagan had heard about Reeves, who knew the Indian Territory and could speak several Indian languages. Reeves worked for 32 years as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory, and became one of Judge Parker's most valued deputies.

Reeves brought in some of the most dangerous criminals of the time, but was never wounded, despite having his hat and belt shot off on separate occasions. In addition to being a marksman with a rifle and pistol, Reeves developed superior detective skills during his long career. When he retired in , Reeves claimed to have arrested over 3, felons. Once, he had to arrest his own son for murder. Deputy Marshal Reeves was disturbed and shaken by the incident, but allegedly demanded the responsibility of bringing Bennie to justice. Bennie was eventually tracked and captured, tried, and convicted.

He served his time in Fort Leavenworth in Kansas before being released, and reportedly lived the rest of his life as a responsible and model citizen. Reeves was himself once charged with murdering a posse cook. Clayton , who was a colleague and friend. Reeves was acquitted. Reeves's health began to fail further after retiring. He died of Bright's disease nephritis on January 12, He was a great-uncle of Paul L. Brady , who became the first black man appointed as a federal administrative law judge in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bass Reeves.

Crawford County , Arkansas , United States. Muskogee , Oklahoma , United States. Nellie Jennie m. Winnie Sumter m. Reeves's former position as a U. Marshal was abolished at that time, so he became an officer with the Muskogee Police Department, where he served for two years until he was forced to resign because of his declining health. Retrieved 1 April Lincoln, Nebraska: U of Nebraska Press. May—June The Crisis.

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Retrieved 9 June Deputy Marshal". The Norman Transcript. Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved 31 August Marshal Bass Reeves". Marshals Museum. Marshals Museum, Inc. Archived from the original on 2 March Retrieved 27 August Burton