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To Alfred's shock, he discovered that Thomas and Martha had named him Bruce's legal guardian some time ago. Unsure of himself, Alfred still made it his mission to look out for Bruce as he grew up. When Bruce took on his costumed persona of Batman and began his war on crime, Alfred reluctantly took on the role of confidante and advisor, often telling Bruce to simply carry a gun instead of a belt full of untested gadgets. Alfred later saved Bruce's life by shooting Mayor Oswald Cobblepot.

Though Alfred introduced himself to the eight-year-old Bruce as his butler, it is obvious he never serves as a manservant in the story otherwise as Bruce's guardian and mentor. However, he is recruited by Thomas as his family's head of security prior to Thomas and his wife's deaths. He is also a skilled martial artist, and trains Bruce the combat skills he would eventually utilize as Batman.

He has a daughter living in Seoul , South Korea with her mother, where Alfred had previously worked at a security firm, implying Julia Remarque's existence in this continuity. In the comic tie in to the video game, Alfred remained loyal to Bruce even when Bruce began the Insurgency and opposed Superman and had his secret identity exposed. When Superman invades the Batcave and breaks Batman's back, Alfred ingests the 5-UR pill which gives a person superhuman strength and durability and subdues Superman, breaking his nose and beating him down.

For over seven months, Alfred oversees Bruce's slow recovery. In the following years, Alfred remained the caretaker of Wayne Manor despite Bruce's absence, and still maintained a close relationship with Damian Wayne despite Damian's decision to join Superman. He is visited by Superman in Year Five, the Kryptonian wanting to know the ever-elusive Batman's location.

Brute Justice by Kim Jewell - Book - Read Online

Alfred, unaware where Batman is and not willing to help nonetheless, ignores Superman. He is eventually killed by Victor Zsasz , whom Superman sent to get information on Batman's location. His death pushes Batman out of hiding to confront Zsasz and Damian killing Zsasz out of revenge.

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In the game's sequel, Injustice 2 , Zsasz is killed in year one by Damian, leaving Alfred's death in the continuity unexplained, but his takedown of Superman is referenced by Harley Quinn. In the prequel comic to Injustice 2 Ra's enacts a plan to bring the world balance and has Damian kidnap Alfred's corpse and resurrects him through the Lazarus Pit to use as a hostage against Batman.

Due to Alfred being dead for a long time, he is brought back in a zombie-like state and requires constant medical attention from Damian. Upon recovering, around the same time he witnessed Batman and Damian attempt to kill each other, a fully recovered Alfred stops them and lecture them that his death was neither Damian nor Bruce's faults, attempting to reconcile them. Upon returning to Wayne manor for his recovery, it is reveal that the side-effect of Alfred's resurrection somehow cause him completely forgotten about the previous casualties he remembered during Superman's downfall and five years regime, such as Damian's accidental murder of Dick Grayson, only for Batman manage to remind him about this.

Alfred eventually leaves Bruce and Wayne Manor as he has felt incomplete since his resurrection. Alfred appears in Tiny Titans , and often has to make Robin stand in the corner because he has misbehaved. In an alternate reality depicted in the Metals crossover, Alfred is killed by Bane, prompting Bruce to request Cyborg's help in completing 'the Alfred Protocol', an artificial intelligence version of Alfred, created to allow Batman to keep some aspect of his 'father' with him. Once the Alfred Protocol is completed, its fixation on protecting his 'son' results in the A. During the 'rematch' with the Batman who Laughs- a Batman who was contaminated by the same chemicals that drove the Joker insane- the Batman Who Laughs claims that Alfred is the only member of his old family he left alive back in his world, the Batman Who Laughs taunting Alfred with hints that his original self was still 'alive' within him until he had corrupted Alfred to remain loyal to him despite acknowledging that Batman was now a monster, although Alfred denies that he would ever do such a thing.

In this alternate reality, Nightwing ends an ongoing feud between superpowered beings by activating a device that depowers ninety percent of the super powered population. This builds to a future where super powers are outlawed and any super powered being must take inhibitor medications or be contained and studied should the medications not work on them. As Bruce was killed during the feud, Alfred was left with his estate and moved to Arizona while allowing Dick Grayson and his son stay in Wayne Manor.

Though Alfred did not approve of Grayson's crusade against superhumans after the death of Bruce, Alfred would sometimes pay visits to the former hero. When Grayson discovered that his son Jake was beginning to develop powers, his house was invaded by his own police force the Crusaders to take Jake away.

Alfred, refusing to stay idly by like he did when everyone lost their powers, attempted to strike one of the police members and was killed in response. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character throughout the DC Universe. For the ship, see Pennyworth ship.

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Brute Justice

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DC Comics. May 15, Retrieved May 16, That Hastag Show.

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Retrieved August 22, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved October 15, Business Wire. January 31, Showbiz Retrieved May 1, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved April 4, Behind The Voice Actors. Retrieved September 25, Check mark indicates role has been confirmed using screenshots of closing credits and other reliable sources. Capitol at a briefing sponsored by Representatives Linda Sanchez and Bobby Scott , who made opening remarks.

Alternative versions of Batman

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