Dictionary of Pseudonyms: 13,000 Assumed Names and Their Origins, 5th ed.

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They were divorced March 16, Bromfield died September 18, , at age 83 from renal failure in Palm Desert, California, [4] being survived by his third wife, Mary Ellen Bromfield. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Retrieved 14 January Retrieved 22 December Tucson Daily Citizen. Arizona, Tucson. Retrieved January 14, Lentz in en. Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Retrieved 13 March Prime examples include Ol' Dirty Bastard who was known under at least six aliases , Diddy previously known at various times as Puffy, P. Black metal artists also adopt pseudonyms, usually symbolizing dark values, such as Nocturno Culto , Gaahl , Abbath, and Silenoz. In punk and hardcore punk, singers and band members often replace their real names with "tougher"-sounding stage names, such as Sid Vicious real name John Simon Ritchie of the late s band Sex Pistols and "Rat" of the early s band The Varukers and the s re-formation of Discharge.

Sid Vicious did not take his name to seem tough but rather because he was anything but Vicious several sources have indicated that Sid himself hated this nickname. Punk rock band The Ramones also had every member take the last name of Ramone. Rob Crow of the rock band Goblin Cock chose to go by the name "Lord Phallus" during the release of the band's albums. A similar practice occurred in hardcore with musicians taking the names of their bands, like Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds and Ray Cappo of Youth of Today who, for a while, billed himself as Ray of Today.

In many cultures, people go by several different nicknames over the course of their lives, to reflect important parts of their lives. In some cases, a rite of passage or puberty marks the transition from a "milk name" to an adult name. Enrollment in school is another occasion where a child's formal or legal name would begin to be used. In many monarchies , the sovereign is allowed to choose a regnal name.

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This official name may differ from their first name and may not even be one of their given names. A sovereign may choose not to use their first name for many reasons. Some, such as Queen Victoria born Alexandrina Victoria of Kent , may never have been known by their original first name. In Japan , the Emperor's personal name is never used as a regnal name: he is referred to by the name of his regnal era , and after his death his name is officially changed to that of the era.

It is a severe breach of etiquette in Japan to refer to the current Emperor's personal name either in speech or in writing unless absolutely required by law. This does not apply to those outside Japan, which explains why Japanese and non-Japanese use different names for the Emperor. In the tradition of various Roman Catholic religious institutes , members abandon their birth name to assume a new, often unrelated, devotional name , often referring to an admired saint. For women, for example in the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls , this reflects the mystical marriage as bride of Christ.

Newly elected popes assume a papal name. In Eastern Orthodoxy , a monk or a nun is given a saint's name by their bishop or abbot at the time of their tonsure as the new monk's or nun's first act of monastic obedience. In addition, Orthodox monks and nuns never use their last names, except for legal reasons or for disambiguation. This may also have changed to indicate their brotherhood e.

Dictionary of Pseudonyms : 13,000 Assumed Names and Their Origins

In Buddhism, a Dharma name is given during the traditional refuge ceremony. In Islam , new converts often accept Islamic names. In Sikhism , adherents adopt the last name Singh for males or Kaur for females. It is a long standing tradition in the Western Occult tradition to assume a pseudonym or motto.

English Vocabulary - First name? Given name? Forename? What's your name?

Some practitioners of Wicca adopt a " craft name " or "witch name" upon initiation for use within their community. This may be to create a name of their own choosing as opposed to their given name, or to provide anonymity to those who are in the " broom closet. Members of sexual minority groups have often assumed different names to protect their identity, or to represent a different persona. From the lateth to earlyth centuries, it was established practice for political articles to be signed with pseudonyms.

In his youth, Benjamin Franklin wrote a number of letters to his brother's newspaper posing as a widow under the pen name Silence Dogood. Pseudonyms are also adopted for other reasons. Criminals often took on or were given pseudonyms, such as famed con man Jefferson R. Smith, who was known as Soapy Smith. Comedians and others performing hoaxes often adopt aliases for their performance role.

A notable instance is provided by the comedian and hoaxer Rodney Marks, [19] who in public performances as a corporate comedian has used over one hundred different aliases indicative of the hoax features. Mervyn's founder Mervin G. Morris was advised by an architect to spell the name of his store chain with a Y instead of an I because the signs would be more pleasing to the eye.

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It is not uncommon for a pseudonym to be adopted by a racing car driver. Reasons for this may include keeping their parents or family unaware of their participation in such activities, so members of royalty who may be otherwise prohibited from such a dangerous activity as racing can participate, or as a way to remain in relative anonymity. Three-time F1 champion Jackie Stewart 's son Paul used a pseudonym when he joined a British racing school for just this reason. Of the many instances of racing drivers assuming false names, two more are Louis Krages , who raced under the name "John Winter" to keep his mother from finding out about his "habit", and former F1 driver Jean Alesi.

Alesi, born in France but of Italian descent, went by his real given name of Giovanni until teasing from classmates led him to adopting a more French first name.

When used by a radio operator, a pseudonym is called a "handle", especially in Citizens' Band radio ; on the Appalachian Trail it is common to adopt or, more usually, be given by others a "trail name". Pseudonyms should not be confused with new names that replace old ones. Some Jewish politicians adopted Hebrew family names upon making aliyah to Israel , dropping Westernized surnames that may have been in the family for generations. He adopted his Hebrew name in , when he published his first article in a Zionist journal in Jerusalem. Roald Dahl, J. Rowling, Warner Bros. My Dashboard Get Published.

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