Dumbin Down: Reflections on the Mis-education of the Negro

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The Mis-Education of the African American PART 2

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However, educated people know, and the goal is to render everyone an educated person on this subject, no longer susceptible to the widespread disinformation. Tobacco companies deny the hazard!


You say, they are lying, committing fraud , denying informed consent. You are right. But the point is, medical studies regularly show that adult smokers typically are deceived by the pushers! The rare exceptions you may have heard of, are just that, rare exceptions, on the order of being hit by lightning! Solution: as shown below , education as per the 19th century high level, on tobacco dangers; enforcing the Michigan cigarette law ; enforcing Constitutional pure air rights ; and criminal prosecutions for tobacco-caused deaths.

Children then in that era were taught more science, more practical science, in grade school see fifth grade ; upper elementary ; and high school examples below , hence they could understand key aspects of cigarette effects. In that era, medical science, emphasizing prevention, was conquering smallpox, plague, yellow fever, etc.

Confidence was high that life-style diseases e. They knew that smoking is a moral issue only secondarily, a health issue due to its link to alcoholism , crime , SIDS , abortion , promiscuity , etc. Readers then could understand why smokers throw cigarette butts all over; could understand the explanation by James L. Tracy, M. Tobacco makes the user feel like parading the narcosis and the manner and act of taking the narcotic. The narcosis is a grandeur narcosis. It is intrusive and obtrusive. Now , in the dumbed down era, , we often see whiny "letters to editor" wondering the "why"!

The 'grandeur narcosis' answer was long ago discovered, known, reported, published! Are you grasping that education has been deliberately dumbed down? See examples below. In that century-ago bygone high education era, people could still understand the moral message about adults setting a right example for children. That concept of adults setting a right example is an incomprehensible one today, tiraded against amongst media and politicians as a "rights violation"! Nowadays, as education has been dumbed down, many adults do not even know the meaning of the word "choice," much less, of the term " informed consent "!

They definitely do not know that "consent" cannot lawfully be given for oneself being harmed or injured, much less, killed! See the 58 ALR3d case list. In "By the end of eighth grade, our [U. Students Make Gains in Math, Science? Here, 'it's mostly arithmetic,' Schmidt said. There is a logical order, from the simpler to the more complex, and the curriculum in most U.

It's arbitrary, with more complex, mathematically difficult concepts sometimes taught before simpler ones, confusing and frustrating students," p 6C. Nowadays, compared to Edison and his era, education has been so dumbed down that high school graduates, college, and graduate school "graduates" do not know as much science on this subject, as did grade school children of the era. Wherefore, too many people nowadays do not, and CANNOT, understand Edison's letter referencing acrolein , and brain damage , and not hiring smokers , as reprinted above.

Solution: Let's require that to receive a high school diploma, would-be graduates must be able to understand and explain the arithmetic and science underlying Edison's paper the related already existing right to pure air indeed, to be participating citizens, constitutional and legal concepts showing slavery unlawful prior to the 13th Amendment such that children of the 's could understand Lincoln's Peoria Speech!!!

Of course, the goal is that all students would understand, so it'd be needed to require teachers to teach the material until the graduation applicants could graduate. We don't need more uneducated-on-science and basic Citizenship Legal Concepts, people around than we already have! Next, see the following example of education of a mere century ago. And discussed and debated. Today it's seldom read even in 'universities,'" says Prof.

Paul Fussell, Ph. Review ; 2 Chapter 1.

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Wasn't that impressive, how much that student was assigned to study? It may help you put this in perspective, to know one more fact about that student. That student was Helen Keller Due to disease, she had become blind and deaf at age 19 months. Yes, she did all that studying while she was blind and deaf. She did more, blind and deaf, than many do now, seeing and hearing. She had become deaf and blind at age 19 months. It was not until some years later before her parents were able to arrange some education for her, which began around age 7.

So she had a late start, about two years late, on her education even beginning, later than most people now. Teachers trained to tutor the blind and deaf were retained when she was age 7. They began reading to her by signing on her hand and arm. She had to learn that first. That took some time. A significant reading program did not begin until she was about age 8.

She still could not speak. It was not until she was age 10, March , that she spoke her first sentence. That was, "It is warm. Reading lists of this type were in the pre-homework era; schools existed to teach, to have students memorize VAST quantities in breadth and depth, and had the students read and study on-premises. At home, students did parental assignments, not school work. Have you written any books? Do you know anyone who has? And she updated it as Midstream: My Later Life Keller's autobiography of course did not list all that she had been taught and had learned in that short time.

Note her subsequent saying, "People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Public Schools Oct. Sanders, A. And see Lincoln's Peoria Speech for basic legal concepts that Northerners widely understood, and which we fought a war to defend against early anti-educationists Confederates. Back then, 's - 's readers could easily comprehend classic references, and languages, how they are used, and their meaning-in-context.

John G. And note the rest of the book! That style wouldn't do much as recruiting literature now? Too over teenage readers' heads! Example: Then children could understand slavery unconstitutionality pre-Thirteenth Amendment, now an unknown fact! And think of the gross ignorance of the rights to pure air and put out fires! Reader , do YOU know from your education, these classic references? See also Lincoln's anti-aggression-war speech and his anti-slavery speech. Elizabeth explains that she worked at 'joining the sentences together as well as the capacity of my simple wit and small learning could extend themselves.

Reason: "It is an unerring rule and one of universal application, that a Prince [government official, or voter in self-governing societies] who is not wise [educated] himself cannot be well advised by others" p David Hume. P "Students paid the lecturer a fee. Thus, a professor had a strong incentive to develop a reputation as a fine speaker so that he could fill the lecture hall, and then his pockets. Note the education of little John Quincy Adams later U. English and French poetry. In Greek his progress has not been equal; yet he has studied [p ] morsels of Aristotle's Politics , in Plutarch's Lives , and Lucian's Dialogues, The Choice of Hercules in Xenophon, and lately he has gone through several books in Homer's Iliad.

Back then, in that more educated era, when people actually appreciated education, we can see what people did for fun. It wasn't mind-deadening hours and hours of television! Dutton, At pages Assignments to study Religion, Music, German and French well-enough to write her later memoirs in French; could you write yours in a foreign language, or articulately at all in any language?! Page on own, self-motivated to learn, not just sitting there, watching TV, waiting to be told!

Yeah, right! As more data is obtained on education from this period, this website material will be expanded. Especially of concern is education from grades , which Keller omitted to cite except as implicit in her author and reading lists. Suggestions welcome, by email below. It is evident how education has deteriorated. Keller's book, and the other cited references, gave author names or titles of readings, not necessarily both, as readers of that era were presumed educated and would know!

Nowadays, this for far too many people , is not the case at all: they don't know. That is why implementing the above suggestion for increasing graduation requirements is needful. For more on U. Krug [], Ph. Classical II. Latin-Scientific III. Modern Languages IV. English I. Classical Three foreign languages one modern.

Latin-Scientific Two foreign languages one modern. Latin 5 p. English 4 p. Algebra 4 p. History 4 p. Physical Geography 3 p. Total 20 p. English 2 p. German [or French] begun 4 p. Geometry 3 p. Physics 3 p. Botany or Zoology 4 p. Latin 4 p. English 3 p. German [or French] 4 p. German [or French] 4p Mathematics [Algebra 2; Geometry 2] 4 p. Mathematics [Algebra 2; Geometry 2] 4 p. History 2 p. Greek 5 p. English [as in classical 2; additional 2] 4 p. German [or French] 3 p. Chemistry 3 p. Modern Languages Two foreign languages both modern. English One foreign language ancient or modern.

Latin, or German, or French 5 p. Total 20 p Total 20 p. Latin, or German, or French 5 or 4 p. English 3 or 4 p. German [or French] begun 5 p. Geometry 4 p. Physics 4 p.

Black Nationalism Today – The Marc Steiner Show

History 3 p. Botany or Zoology 3 p. Latin, or German, or French 4 p. English as in others 3; additional 2 5 p. Mathematics Algebra 2 Geometry 2 4 p. History as in the Latin-Scientific 2 additional 2 4 p. English, as in Classical 2, additional 2 4 p.

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English as in Classical 2; additional 2 4 p. Chemistry 2 p. Reprinted in Edward A. As you learn here, she was far too kind! Adam Howard, Learning Privilege : Lessons of Power and Identity in Affluent Schooling London: Routledge, "Explores what educators, students and families at elite schools value most in education and how these values guide ways of knowing and doing that both create high standards for their educational programs and reinforce privilege as a collective identity.

This book illustrates the ways that affluent students construct their own privilege. Next, the 'some depth' on a bygone era's tobacco teaching promised above! Now, the heart is like a willing horse.

education based marketing

When it is making its seventy beats in a minute, it is going fast enough. That is just what [ tobacco ] does. Four or five beats in a minute make a great many extra beats in a day. Note: 4 extra beats per min. X 60 mins. X 24 hrs. See also Luther H. They are using the strength, without doing a particle of good," p When the heart is out of order, its beating is irregular and unsteady. One of the causes of such a condition is tobacco," p A or Mr.

It is a sign of danger," p If we take the clock to pieces, to see what it is made of, that is like the study of Anatomy. If we set the clock a-going, and watch it to see how it ticks and strikes, and turns its hands, that is like the study of Physiology. When we have learned these things about our bodies, we shall know how they should be taken care of in order to keep them in health. This knowledge is called Hygiene.

Many grown people are very ignorant of these things. They abuse their bodies, and wear them out in various ways. In that era, "the laws state that all pupils must receive instruction in this subject. There are many ways in which we may injure the body and prevent its natural development. These substances are such powerful poisons that they injure every part of the body, especially the blood and nerves , and hinder the natural growth.

Young persons are easily injured by chewing or smoking tobacco. Sooner or later, however, he will find out how evil they are, and it may then be too late to remedy their bad effects. Young people need. The appetite for tobacco. Proper food and healthful exercise can do more than any thing else to promote our growth, while tobacco [is] to be shunned as evil, and only evil, to us," p Hence, it follows that faulty nutrition and impurity of blood result in nervous weakness.

Impure air , by its effects on the blood, deadens the energies of the nervous system.

  1. Island Fortress: The Defence of Great Britian 1606-1945;
  2. Beggars Pardon (A Lady Marmalade Mystery Book 1).
  3. 100 Lessons on Personal Attraction in 100 Words or Less (100 Lessons in 100 Words or Less Book 5).
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The nervous system suffers through imperfect respiration. The nervous system and the mind are so closely related, that whatever affects one also affects the other. When the system is healthful and vigorous, mental action is most forcible and reliable. Whatever weakens the nervous system, or disturbs it, produces corresponding disturbances in the mind. What is known as insanity , in which case the judgment and reason are dethroned , is the result.

It is not surprising that many repetitions of intoxication frequently lead to permanent forms of insanity. When chewed or smoked, its poisonous portion is absorbed by the blood and circulated through the system. Its effects are most fully shown in injury to the blood itself, and in paralysis of nervous force.

Its influence on the nervous and muscular systems is so powerful that its use in medicine is regarded as too dangerous. Its use causes diseased conditions of the vital organs. The stomach, the liver, the heart , and the nervous centers suffer most from its use. The effects of tobacco blunt and degrade the mind. By its narcotic effects, its use fixes upon the system the most slavish conditions of the will. The person who permits himself to become addicted to its habitual use loses his power to stop the evil habit.

No intelligent person who uses it, will advise another to begin the use of it," p Its active principle [ingredient], Nicotin , which is an energetic [strong] poison , exerts its specific effect on the nervous system. Oppressive torpor, weakness or loss of intellect, softening of the brain , paralysis, nervous debility, dyspepsia, functional derangement of the heart , and diseases of the liver and kidneys are not uncommon consequences. A sense of faintness, nausea, giddiness, dryness of the throat, tremblings, feelings of fear, disquietude [paranoia], and general nervous prostration must frequently warn persons addicted to this habit that they are sapping the very foundation of health.

The opium habit. Pierce, M. John B. Pickett Pub Co, , p They know that the " natural and probable consequences " of their fixating on effects, is to misdirect societal attention off causation, thus promote the very evils such politicans often profess to oppose. Such politicians are evil, vile, depraved. Notice that such politicians often oppose genuine prevention efforts. For parallel confirmatory data, see Theodore A. Because of this poison, the juice of the tobacco is never purposely swallowed; but in chewing, the saliva dissolves the nicotine, and a part of it is absorbed into the system; while in smoking, the nicotine in the smoke and vapor is absorbed 72 by the saliva and the moist membranes of the mouth and nose, where it exerts all of its harmful effects.

From previous lessons you know that the vagi nerves hold the heart in check, causing it to reserve its power. When a room is properly ventilated, the air should seem odorless to one coming in from out of doors," p Hall, Ph. The ideas may lack clearness of outline. The will power may be weakened, and it may be an effort to do the routine duties of life. The memory may also be impaired. Albert F. Cigarettes or tobacco in any form hinders the growth and injures the nerves and health. Cigarettes foster the tobacco habit, and may make any boy a slave to it.

The cigarette habit does not help a boy in his life work, and may prevent him from obtaining a good position in business. Most all reliable business establishments refuse to employ boys who smoke cigarettes. The following are among the poisons and drugs used in the manufacture of cigarettes: Arsenic , Creosote, Nicotine , Opium, Saltpetre, Tonca flavoring and Rum, all of which are harmful. Cigarette smoking makes a boy dull and stupid, impairs his memory and prevents his advance in school.

Smoking creates an unnatural thirst, which may lead to drinking intoxicating liquors. Smoking is a selfish habit which may cause [ unlawful ] annoyance, discomfort and distress to others. Tobacco affects the eye , ear and nose, or sight, hearing and smelling, and also the heart. Richardson, M. Tobacco is a marked depressant nauseant, it produces emesis by irritation as well as by systemic action. Its continued use by smoking or chewing. Used by the young, it hinders the development of the brain, and interferes with metabolism in general.

It is claimed to produce cancer of the lips and tongue, blunting of the moral sense, mental aberration, and even insanity. The author remembers poisoning a cat with this agent in the pharmacy school. The animal at once became greatly excited, then there was a wild stare, a deep sigh, and sudden death within three minutes after the ingestion of the drug.

Buckley, Ph. A drop or two of nicotine is sufficient to cause death. Like all poisons, it is highly stimulating for the instant, soon to be followed by its death-like effects. It is the peculiar poison which tobacco in any and all of its forms yields. The tobacco chewer, snuff taker, cigar smoker, and cigarette fiend. The boy or girl who uses tobacco before reaching maturity is sure to wreck the nervous system and take a long step toward idiocy or insanity.

Perfect, clean, energetic and acceptable manhood or womanhood is impossible for a youthful tobacco poisoner. A filthy one, in that it begets frequent spitting of stained saliva by chewers, sickening smoke odors by smokers, and discharge of discolored mucous by snuffers.

Add to this the disgustingly odorous smoke of the cigarette fiend, and then wonder what worse in the way of filth can be realized. No matter what the natural constitution or excuse, the habit is a dangerous one. It grows by what it feeds upon, and leads to gradual and insidious wreckage of the finer sensibilities and active nerve forces. It is an expensive habit, often entailing poverty , and always diminishing the recompense of labor. In the families of those who earn meagre support its expensiveness is almost the equivalent of robbery of wife and children.

Destitution lies in the wake of tobacco. It is an inconvenient habit and very often interferes with work. Cigarettes or tobacco in any form hinder the growth and injure the nerves and health. The cigarette habit does not help a boy in his lifework, and may prevent him from obtaining a good position in business. The following are among the poisons and drugs used in the manufacture of cigarettes: Arsenic, Creosote, Nicotine, Opium, Saltpetre, Tonca flavoring and Rum, all of which are harmful.

Smoking is a selfish habit which may cause annoyance, discomfort and distress to others. It costs more than most boys can afford to pay to have their nerves and health ruined. Smoking is a useless and expensive habit, and always does harm to a greater or less degree. It is also a filthy habit and defiles the body, and anything that defiles or injures the body is a sin against God, who created man in His own image.

Frank Scholl, Ph. Soon thereafter, a student was expelled from the Michigan teacher education program. The charge was smoking. Smoking was a recognized mental disorder matter. Mentally disordered persons were not allowed to become teachers. The expulsion of the student for smoking was upheld in court.

Instructions to Fifth Grade Teachers : "Assign a lesson on the effects of. Develop these points in class: Effects on growth: 1. Nervous system 2. Will power 3. Ability to do one's best," p References: Michael V. O'Shea, Ph. Kellogg, M. Merrill Co, , pp Henry Ford's anti-tobacco literature Ford widely circulated The Little White Slaver , of which Edison's letter above was one item , p Note that Ford's book then, taught children about the tobacco-insanity link, p 53 and the tobacco-crime link, p 28!

Nowadays, adults, even adults with so-called "degrees," even so-called "doctorates," typically don't know these then simple basics-for-children! And even deny them!! No wonder the asylums and prisons are overflowing. And costs are soaring. And politicians ' only remedy is more prison-building!! Thus "Michigan's prisons are bursting at the seams, sucking up precious state dollars at an alarming rate and could close to new inmates by fall," says the article " Prisons full by fall; now what?

Note: Wherefore children then, could know more practical science than adults now. For a sample 5th level reader of that era, click here. Quiz: " Are you smarter than a 5th grader? The principal interest of tobacco to the physician centers in its poisonous effects. It produces nausea and vomiting, quick, deep, and then labored respiration , great muscular relaxation, giddiness, mental confusion , restlessness, feeble circulation, general depression, and, occasionally, clonic convulsions apparently of spinal origin , followed by complete loss of reflexes, and death from respiratory paralysis.

Note: More on anorexia by: Laycock, Favarger, "The eye loses its vision for colors, and complete blindness may result from degeneration of the optic nerve. Libido and virility are markedly diminished. Sajous, M. Sajous, B. Davis Co, , Vol 8, pp If you have, you know that it takes a lot of delicate wheels with teeth that fit carefully into each other to make it go.

If you threw sand into these wheels, you can easily guess that it would soon interfere seriously with their work. Your body is also a delicate machine. You want it to work smoothly and properly for you. Therefore you should not take things into the body or do thing that disturb its work. Their use can be likened somewhat to the throwing of sand into the wheels of a delicate machine. The use of tobacco during the years of growth is also very much like throwing sand into the gears of a delicate machine.

Even in small amounts it interferes with the normal working of the heart. Immoderate use of tobacco, especially in young people, excites the heart, and causes it to beat rapidly. The heart becomes fatigued, or tired. This is a dangerous condition, and should be avoided.

Tobacco contains a powerful poison called nicotine. A large part of the harm from smoking comes for the absorption of some of this nicotine into the body. Tobacco smoke. During the growing period of life, the use of tobacco is especially harmful. Tobacco disturbs the nervous system. It may cause headaches, trembling, and nervousness. Its effects upon the nervous system extend to the control of muscles [ ataxia ] and make smoking very harmful. Smoking lessens strength and endurance. The shortness of breath that results from the use of tobacco is a big handicap.

The control of muscles by the nervous system is disturbed. As a result the persons are not so alert or quick as before, and they cannot do things with as much skill. Tobacco handicaps its users. They have shown that tobacco affects both the speed and accuracy of mental work. Persons using tobacco were found to make more mistakes in adding figures [ acalculia ] than persons who did not use it. The users of tobacco also learned new things less easily and tired more quickly at their work than those who did not use it.

Smoking is annoying to many people. The smoker carries the unpleasant tobacco smell about with him on his skin and in his clothes. Then there is also the danger of fire from the careless handling of matches, cigarette stumps, and the hot ashes of tobacco.

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Its harm to the body, its interference with good school work, and its effects upon the character of the user are. It is the slavery to narcotic drugs. The person who begins their use soon finds that more and more must be sued. As a result, the user is a slave to drugs and will commit crimes. Burkard, Ph. Chambers, Ph. Maroney, M. Sometime a doctor orders a person not to smoke.