International Celebrity Endorsement in the case of lOréal

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  1. L'Oréal in China | Hausarbeiten publizieren
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  3. L'Oréal in China
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Many big stars have a ready-made market of dedicated fans who will buy anything associated with their name. One of the most common areas in which celebrities become involved is fragrances. The trend has recently intensified, with hundreds of fragrances being launched annually by anyone from A-listers to reality TV stars.

L'Oréal in China | Hausarbeiten publizieren

Many celebrities have also put their names to make-up and skin care lines, fashion collections, and, in the case of chefs, foodservice menus and kitchen appliances. Products generally reflect the particular styles or values of the celebrity. Traditional endorsements have evolved as celebrities are taking a more proactive role in product development and marketing.

Another new celebrity sponsorship model involves smartphone companies buying temporary exclusivity on new album releases. This gives the artist guaranteed album sales, marketing buzz and a free mobile distribution channel, while the sponsor gains massive publicity. Many well-known personalities have distinctive speaking voices and, in addition to being employed in radio advertisements or the animated film business as voice-overs, they are increasingly being used for satellite navigation systems and other speaking apps.

Most charities and NGOs cultivate relationships with celebrities, due to their ability to increase public awareness of their causes and thus encourage more donations. Celebrities can be spokespeople, board members or even founders of their own charities.

What Makes a Good Celebrity Endorsement – For a Beauty Brand

About Our Research Request a complimentary demonstration of our award-winning market research today. Even then, Wie was no newcomer. At 13, she not only won the U. Needless to say, corporations were ready to pounce when she turned pro two years later. Timberlake had already released a song of the same title, but the fast-food giant created a jingle of its own that only partially borrowed from Timberlake. Hollywood superstar and tech venture capitalist wizard Ashton Kutcher was already a veteran spokesman in , thanks to a lucrative endorsement deal with Nikon.

Then, he signed an even bigger contract to serve as the spokesman for Lenovo, according to a Page Six report at the time. In , Catherine Zeta-Jones signed a two-year contract that paid her eight figures a year. In , she renewed the deal. But in , he renegotiated, according to a report at the time from Reuters. In , clothing company St. John was in the middle of an identity crisis, according to the New York Times.

Losing traditional customers at the expense of a failed campaign to lure a younger generation of buyers, the brand turned to superstar Angelina Jolie for a solution. According to Carrick, Sainsbury's met with Oliver's agent and the brand team to decide on appropriate action. Oliver wrote a letter to The Times clarifying what he had said, and Sainsbury's prepared a statement. Carrick adds that the incident generated positive coverage for the company and publicised the opening of the Cromwell Road store.

Top 10 WTF Celebrity Endorsed Products

Indeed, a scandal does not always damage a brand's image. Last year, England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio made headlines when he told two reporters, posing as sponsorship agents from Gillette, that he had both taken and dealt drugs. His sponsorship deal with Nike was thought to be worth pounds 30, a year, and the company stood by him.

L'Oréal in China

Mark Rhodes, corporate communications adviser at Nike says: 'If allegations are made against our athletes we stand by them until they are proven guilty. Lawrence wasn't guilty of the charges made against him, and he is very much still a Nike spokesperson. But while exposure is good, over-exposure can prove problematic.

In August, the Independent Television Commission stated that Carol Vorderman was appearing on television too much - both in her capacity as a presenter and in adverts.

One viewer complained when an ad for Benecol featuring Vorderman was aired during a commercial break in Countdown, on which she is a co-presenter. And in , Vorderman lost her job on Tomorrow's World after appearing in an ad for Ariel soap powder, using her studio persona. The BBC felt she had lost her integrity.

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One sector in which celebrities are never out of favour is the cosmetics market. Estimates put celebrity fees in this sector at between dollars , pounds , and dollars 5m pounds 3.

Kylie Jenner: Puma, $1 Million

Max Factor's Manwaring says: 'Madonna has modernised our brand in a short period, and has made a big improvement on its image. What was once a product thought of as 'pancake and cream puff' is now associated with glamour.

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