Learn Objective-C on the Mac (Learn Series)

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What sort of equipment do I need? Orientation: All of the tools that are available. Which ones are important and which ones are not. Core Skills: The essential skills for building a solid iOS foundation if you want to make app after app…. This is a really hard question to answer because some apps are easy, some are complex and everyone learns at different speeds. If you are thinking about buying a Mac, you can buy used to save some money.

A safe bet for current compatibility and getting mileage out of your purchase is to get something less than 2 years old. The 11 lesson mini-course below will teach you the core skills you need to build any sort of app. Learn Swift Basics Part 2 Build upon the skills from the previous lesson and learn more about Swift programming. Handling User Interaction Learn how to capture and handle taps from the user. Help me freshen it up by leaving your comment below and letting me know how this guide has helped you!

I see a lot of comments from , is this information still good for ? Sir i want to do freelancing so that i can manage my collage expenses i am class 12 now and will join university for btech soon can you pls guide in what sequence should i work so that i can learn it properly and then start freelancing.

Hello, How are the paid courses viewed? I am thinking of getting the new course. What format are the videos in and can they be downloaded? Can you do another giveaway?

By professional developers for professional developers.

Hey John, thanks for asking! The videos are embedded and streamed from the private course area. Hello Nate, check episode Chris explains about image size and suggest a great app to have the multiple image sizes. I cannot think of an app idea Both games and non-games. Hey Chris I want to continue with lesson 8 but i tried a few things by myself in the last days to do the total game by myself.

But now I want to continue with your lessons. How can i get back to the state were I ended up in lesson 6 or 7? Would be great if I can do that. This is helpful because you can return to previous versions of the app you are working on. Okay thanks! I just thought that xCode has such a system like git hub itself…. You sure can :. Chris shows us how to do this at the end of module 3 of his Objective — c course. I was working on it yesterday and it took longer than expected! Will definitely finish it today. So far it looks like I can do a lesson every days! When going through the tutorial.

I am not getting the viewcontroller. Did you make sure you selected Swift in the dropdown, when you created the new project in Xcode 6? If you go down a little bit Leland asked a similar question. Hey Chris. I have already tried the obj-c course. What have do I need to do, to get the Swift course for free? Once we get past lesson 13 on Oct 10 and the course gets started, this 2 for 1 special will be gone! So if you have purchased the Objective-c course before this time you will get the Swift course for free :. Hey Paige, the current private course is taught in obj-c. A new version in Swift is being released and the tutorials on this page are the initial lessons in that Swift course.

Chris, I enjoyed your videos. I noticed on my Xcode in the project navigator that you had an AppDelegate. How do I change it so it has swift like yours? Or does it matter? Hey Leland, when you start a new project, in the dialog box, make sure you select Swift in the dropdown in the screenshot attached!

Hey Leland, when you start a new project, in the new project dialog box, make sure you select Swift in the dropdown in the screenshot attached! Hey Leland, when you start a new project, in the new project dialog box, make sure you select Swift in the dropdown in the screenshot attached. Hay Chris, i enrolled in the objective c course and will participate in swift. One question for Chris, currently i making an app in objective c and at the same time want to participate in swift course, do you think if i update to Xcode 6 swift , i still be able to finish my project using objective language?

With Xcode 6 you can program in either Swift or Objective-C. I enrolled as an Objective-C Trainee but fell off the map due to some personal situations, but I am back now. Loving the new layout of the site as well. That is great. The investment on the course was worth it for sure. Hi Chris I was wondering if I could hire you to help develop and app idea of mine. Please let me know what you think. Hey Chris, I have to say, I just started reading through your lessons and skimmed through them and it is very thorough! Keep it up!

Hi Cris , I have a question. How AppDelegate will create ViewControler object? How they are linked. Because you use XCode 5. Thanks Tobias! I forget how many people are watching these videos. Thanks again! No problem! I started today to watch your free videos and also started programming, its awesome and i like the way you teach and easy to understand, i think i have to upgrade to an membership in the near future.

Thank you for the videos Chris! I am making a game where there is 1 player piece with a labeled number, and 4 computer pieces each with a labeled number. The goal of the game is to hit the computer piece with the corresponding number as the player piece, before it moves off the screen. When this happens, the player number goes up and your score increases.

Each time the set of computer numbers is generated, 1 of the 4 numbers has to be the same as the player number, but within a certain set of numbers. I am having trouble making the set generate one and only one number matching the player, and 3 other numbers that are from a certain set, none of which are repeating. Sorry if this is confusing but tried to explain it my best. Thanks Chris! Hi Chris, I started with your great learning plan. Thank you! I had the page earlier, but how do you use a button to move to another view?

I have another question though. Is it possible to not use a back button? I do not want the navigation bar or a back button to show in my project.

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In the viewDidLoad method of your second view controller, you can add this line to hide the navigation bar: [self. Hey Chris— great videos! I was wondering- after completing the full paid course would a user be ready to create a game application? Not necessarily something too serious, just a simple, fun game like Doodle Jump or Tappy Bird.

Hey Bobby, actually the course only talks about apps and not games! Please check back in about two weeks and follow up! Can you Pls. Lesson 8 shows you how to create a 2nd view. Please check back! I want to start by saying you are very good at teaching. I like your approach.

Objective-C Development: Get Started Building Mac and iOS Apps

I have an issue, though. I am having trouble understanding what is even going on. I can follow along and do what you do easy enough, but all the coding just blows my mind. I am obviously new to programming but I am wondering if I should just give up? I know it takes practice and dedication, but I am wondering if I am in over my head. The YouTube videos are not lengthy enough for me to go into any detail so i apologize for that!

Give that article a read and let me know if the programming concepts make sense. Thank you for the info….

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Thank you. Hey Sunanda, thanks for watching! Did you add any text to the label?

Hey Chris thanks for reply. I am in lesson 3 and I am having trouble locating the.

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The class files showing are appdelgate. Can anyone help thank you! Hey William, simply treat your Main. Hey Moussa, thanks for joining! Or are they pretty much the same? Both would be better actually. But still, Programming in C will give you the base, read it fast, then go to the Obj C book.

Objective-C Development: Get Started Building Mac and iOS Apps - asomukix.cf

May 31, 2, I like the Learn series. Nov 26, 8 0 Melbourne, Australia. Steve Kochan has a new book, called Programming in Objective-C 2. I think you will not go wrong if you need a solid basis in Obj-C. He assumes that you have no prior C experience and teaches both C and Obj-C. I think it's an excellent book. Jan 10, 3, 1 Dallas, TX. First off, this comes up constantly on these forums, so I'd just use the search and read the many hundreds of posts that have already been made on this subject. I wasn't going to reply at all on this one, until i saw: plumbingandtech said:.

Ah yes! I meant to type that! Apr 1, 0 California. Cheers, thanks for the link. I too am learning Objective-C, following Kochan's book. All good so far, am 6 chapters, but have been needing solutions to a few of the excercises. GoKyu macrumors Feb 15, 1, 18 New Orleans. Steve: I bought your book, and I made it to chapter 3 without too much trouble, but then I felt like I needed to relearn at least the basics of C that I knew years ago.

I ended up buying the "Learn C on the Mac", which is a really good book as well, and after I feel a little more comfortable with that, I'll come back to the object oriented stuff in Objective-C. Icyfire macrumors newbie. Feb 22, 2 0. Programming in C Hey Steve, I purchased your Programming in C book and I was wondering if you had solutions to the exercises in your book.

Do you have an updated site where the solutions are? I could really use them as a reference for practice. TotalLuck macrumors newbie.

Jan 3, 21 0 Moreno Vallley. TotalLuck said:. Icyfire said:.