What Happens on Sunday

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11 Things That Happen On Sunday

Accordingly employees were obliged to work on Sunday, 1 May , but not on Monday, 2 May A dispute arose between the parties as to the correct interpretation of the Act. The employer approached the Labour Court for a declaratory order. The court a quo in Randfontein Estates Ltd v NUM [] 7 BLLR LC reasoned that the public holidays specified in Schedule 1 of the Act do not cease to be public holidays when they fall on a Sunday, rather all that happens is that the Monday following the public holiday becomes an additional public holiday.

Accordingly, the labour court dismissed the application.


Subsequently, a dispute arose between the parties regarding the very same issue on 25 December and 1 January , as both these public holidays fell on a Sunday. As the cost to the employer in terms of lost production and additional wages had already run into millions of Rands the employer considered it important that the dispute be resolved, and accordingly took the matter on appeal to the Labour Appeal Court. The court noted that the Act does not define Sundays as being public holidays. In terms of section 5 2 of the Act, if an employer and its employees agree that Sundays should be treated as a public holiday then, as between the parties, Sundays become public holidays.

However this was not the position in this case, as in terms of the Agreement the parties agreed that Sundays are to be treated as normal working days.

Is there a God? Is he here?

Although the Act does not, either expressly or impliedly, state that where a public holiday falls on a Sunday, that both the Sunday and the following Monday shall be public holidays, the court was of the view that the ordinary, literal, grammatical meaning favoured the contention of the union. The court accordingly had to have regard to the intention of the Legislature.

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The case turned on the issue of whether the legislature intended that the number of paid public holidays be limited to twelve and no more this favours the employer , or whether there should be at least twelve public holidays in a calendar year this favours the union. In determining the issue the court looked at the wording of various provisions of the Act and held that the legislature intended that the number of paid public holidays is not limited to twelve, and where a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is an additional public holiday.

The court added though that not all employers are saddled with the burden borne by this employer in relation to the provisions of the Act.

Rather much depends on what an employer negotiates and agrees with its employees. The court noted that it was clear that the parties had not considered what would happen, in terms of the Agreement, when a public holiday fell on a Sunday. The appeal was accordingly dismissed. After this thought from the Bible, he will then lead us in prayer. The purpose of this call to worship is to set our thoughts on God to remind us that we are gathered for His glory and to worship Him.

What happens on Sunday | High Kirk Presbyterian Church

In the middle of the service, an offering is received. Anyone is welcome to give, but we do not ask anyone to give under compulsion.

What Happens On Sunday

We also believe giving is an act of worship and so we aim to give generously, cheerfully and with thanksgiving to our God who has freely given us His Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins. After the offering, we welcome newcomers by simply having them raise their hand and an applause from the congregation then follows.

What happens on Sunday?

Immediately following this, we encourage everyone to greet each other. The reason we have newcomers raise their hand is so that we can welcome them to the service warmly. We encourage newcomers to fill out information for us to follow up with them, but we do not put any pressure on anyone to do so. We hope you will have a relaxing and enjoyable first time with us!

We have three age groups: Bubbles 3 to 5 years old , Stepping Stones 6 to 8 years old , Splash 9 to 12 years old. We also have a youth ministry ages that meets once a month on the second Sunday of every month. Following this time of greeting, we have a Bible reading. Our Pastor or on occasion one of our elders or a guest speaker then gives the Bible teaching from the passage that was just read.